Tacha Coleman-Parr began singing "before she could walk" as
a child in her mother's North Carolina church.  

Under the direction of Leon E. Roberts (1997), Tacha joined

he Saint Augustine (Roman Catholic Church) Gospel Choir
(Washington, DC)
in which, she became a featured soloist.  
She credits that experience for showing her the importance of
understanding the meaning of what you sing - for yourself and
those to whom you minister.   

When asked about her best moment as singer, she stated that
it was when she was fired from a wedding band because she
"did not sound like the record".  
 "I took that as a badge of
honor- if you want the recorded version of a song, then don't hire
me to sing it - buy the record. I no longer wanted to be the singer
that sounded like the singer 'du jour' - I wanted to find me and I
guess I was on the right path."

In 2004, Tacha began focusing on straight-ahead jazz by  
studying with Ronnie Wells and Ron Elliston at The Elliston
Studio for Jazz Studies.  She was a semi-finalist in the 2007
Billie Holiday Jazz Vocal Competition.  

"It has taken a while to find where I wanted to be vocally. I feel that
I melt all the musical experiences of my life and molded it
 Tacha has the uncanny ability to be sincere to the
musical form that she is performing while adding a hint of the
other musical influence which has helped make her, the unique
talent she is.  So, as you listen to her, be prepared to
experience her as she takes you from a pure, simple expression
of a song, or "takes you to church", and everything in
between.  She can take an older song and make it seem new,
or take a new[er] song and make it seem like a Standard.

Tacha makes you want to listen.   I have seen her, in a noisy
bar, go to the mic and whisper a song.   Everyone in the room
stopped talking - she took that audience in her hand and led
them to a standing ovation and cries for more.  If I had not
seen it myself, I never would have believed it could be done.  
She can take you there - she took me.

T. Tanner
I've performed at..

The Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival           
Twinn’s Lounge               
HR 57             
The Kennedy Center           
The 24th Aero Squadron      
Aroma Company           
Fort Washington Marina              
Capital City Blues (formerly  City Blues)                  
Ellington's on Eighth                    
Cada Vez                               
The East Coast Jazz Festival           
Jazz at Sabang          
Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival (Rockville, MD)   (2012- 2015)              
Lenoir County Public Library                   
The Jazz Piano Cafe (Cains, Austrilia)         
The Blair Mansion Inn         
Jazz Night (in Southwest) at Westminster Church                        
Bus Boys & Poets        
The Foggy Dogg             
The Meyerhoff Symphony Hall  (Baltimore)                    
The New Community Church
Mr. Henry's                  
The Black Foxx      
Indian Ocean                
Patterson Park (Baltimore, MD)                
Jazz After Midnight  (London, England)               
The House of Blues (New Orleans)                   
Murphy's of DC                    
The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception       
City Blues